Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hey Kids! Ecos and Earth Man Dan are enjoying the summer in Southern California. School is out and we are going to the beach a lot. We are also hiking in the hills above Los Angeles and playing tag in the park.

And while we're having fun in the surf and sun (don't forget your sun screen) we also help the lifeguards and rangers keep the beaches and mountains clean by picking up litter. Whether we are at the park or the pier--we never leave anything behind. Keeping our planet clean is something we can all help with. Everyone can just do a little bit, but it makes a BIG difference.

And when it is hot outside don't forget to eat right and drink lots of water. (A little ice cream is ok too) Earth Man Dan will have more great lessons on stuff like conservation, solar power, and water conservation so keep coming back. There's more to come!

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