Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mmmmmm. Pump-kins!

Greetings Youngsters!

Earth Man Dan here and I cannot believe that summer is over and all the kids are back in school. It's October already and Halloween is coming. Wow! ECOS and I are out visiting schools and museums and we're having a great time in our own gardens growing fall and winter fruits and vegetables. Like what you ask? Like PUMPKINS!! Pumpkins are a kind of squash that are very tasty. Everybody Likes pumpkin pie. Right? And when you hollow out a pumpkin for a jack-o-lantern you can get your mom or dad to help you toast the seeds you got out of the inside. They make a great snack.

We've also recently been visited by our space-pal Fabulous Freddie. He's here from the Helion Planetoid to bring fun and happiness to all the kids of the universe. And he's landed here on Earth to begin his mission here. You can visit his web page at He's new here and wants to make lots of friends so look for him too.

Well, I have to go but hopefully, we can all get together soon and sing some songs and play some games. And don't forget to keep eating your vegetables, brush your teeth, pick up litter, and use your reusable water bottle.

Good Bye and Adios!

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